And yet, it’s taken me until Thursday to blog about it. at that. Still, it’s all worth sharing:

What could be better than pancakes on a Sunday morning? I made gingered pears, too. Also on the gastronomic front, I’ve been tired of not being able to order naan with my Indian food, so I took matters into my own hands:

I used the recipe in Joy of Vegan Baking. Pretty good. I’ll probably make it again. I also made this Fatfree Vegan curry recipe to go with:

Enough food, onto fashion:

Wore Sunday for errand-running, cooking, lazing, and cleaning. I so thoroughly cleaned my apartment this weekend that I’m confident you could safely perform surgery in it. Readers, it is clean. In a pleasant change of pace, I was invited to a friend’s show that evening, so I wore this to see that as well. Top is Eryn Brinie, twill pants are Urban Outfitters (probably their BDG label), shoes are Soda. I’m not sure about the earrings–the bracelet I won at post-prom waaaay back in my junior year of high school. A local jeweler had donated it to raffle, and I swear, I won everything back then.

Also, this was my horoscope Monday:

Life’s big picture is looking brighter and brighter, if you can only take off those gloom-colored glasses you insist on wearing. The stars expand your career horizon right now, and your love life gets even sweeter if you’re willing to take a chance in an unusual direction. Stop stifling your natural impulses and pretending you’re a gloomy Gus when you’re really not. There’s an eager little kid inside you who’s dying to get out and play.

And it was all pretty much true! It’s been a hectic, but playful, week. Unfortunately, playtime doesn’t leave much time for outfit pictures. Expect more + kitty blogging tomorrow.