Polyvore. I’m probably the last fashion blogger on the planet to start using it, but it finally caught my attention. So of course, for the next week and a half, I’m hooked.

Run by Ann Patchett. Best novel I’ve read in a little while. My only criticism is that it read quickly and it was over too fast.

I’m also waaaaay into Madewell right now. Everything they do is just so gorgeous! And so pricey!

And that’s all for now. Not only for financial reasons, I’m trying to make better use of the clothes and accessories I already have. I could go months on end without repeating an outfit, and yet, I tend to use and reuse the same outfits that I really like. I don’t see that as a bad thing–rather, it’s sort of a cue to pair down a bit. But I can’t pair down if I’m constantly acquiring. So while I love the lovely necklace, perhaps it’ll be a treat for months of shopping-abstinence.

Or perhaps it won’t. We’ll see.