I’ve been bringing my specs out to play a lot lately. Strangely, it’s been less out of necessity (e.g., itchy pollen eyes, or an accidental 24 hours in contacts) and more out of simple glasses love. And here’s how I’ve dressed them up:

That’s a Chan Luu tee, 1930’s pocket watch (still works!), H&M belt,  Urban Outfitters twill cigarette pants, and Urban Outfitters patent flats. Mmhm, it’s a lot of Urban Outfitters.

Next up!

I’ve been experimenting with tucked shirts lately. I think I like the look, but my efforts with it are very much still in an experimental phase. So those are my pyramid stud earrings, an American Eagle denim top, J. Crew cigarette jeans, vintage Bandolino pumps (with attached shoe clips!), and a Forever 21 bag.

And that’s that. So far, I’ve gone two weeks without new clothes (I know, I know, it’s not very much! But I think one should celebrate small victories), and I must say, it’s nice to sort of rediscover my own stuff. At times, I feel like I’m shopping in my own wardrobe–this undoubtedly just goes to show that I own toooo much stuff, so I think I’m going to make efforts to pair down. There’s no reason to hold onto a top that I like, but only get to wear twice a year.

Blah blah blah, donating things to charity, blah blah, simplify simplify, blah blah blah. . . yeah, I’m about done, probably ought to go to sleep soon, but tell me: do you rock glasses as a fashion accessory, or only as a vision aid? Do you style yourself around them when you wear them?