Parenthood. Such a smart TV show. I can’t think of any other shows that focus on adult siblings, which is odd, if you think about it–I mean, don’t most of us have a sibling or two? It’s a really well-executed show as well. I try not to be a couch potato, but I’ll happily sit still for an hour for this show.

This cool article. I have no trouble believing that love can lessen the brain’s response to painful stimulus. I do wish that the study had looked at non-romantic love as well.

Vaute Couture coats. Can’t afford ’em. Won’t be getting one. Like ’em anyway.

Another thing I want but can’t afford? A Navajo blanket. But I can’t spend $6k on a real one, and I’m a little uncomfortable buying a reproduction of one. But c’est la vie. In the meanwhile (until I can afford one, that is), my ancient little fleecy blanket from Primark does me just fine.