Rainy fashion is hard. While I don’t want to sacrifice style, I don’t exactly like it when nature pisses on my favorite clothes. Anything that’s already clingy or tight will only get worse when it gets wet; ballet flats and sweatshirts and the like  (anything, really, that’s not made of material that repels water) don’t even stand a chance against the rain.

Thankfully, God (or Burberry) created the trench coat! While I can’t actually afford the Burberry version, I do have a rather nice take on it from H&M:

I wore this to an audition and to see a preview of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on Broadway (and you can see the program in the background in this post. Also, it was excellent). While the trench doesn’t nullify the need for an umbrella or make ballet flats an option, it certainly helps.

Another sartorial necessity for fall: tights. Yes folks, it’s tights weather again.

I got that scarf at Target ages ago, and it’s been a major player in my fall and winter wardrobes since. That’s my lovely She-Bible dress under that trench, and I’m glad I got to eke a little more wear out of it.

Wow, looking at the two pictures beside each other, you can totally tell that I took the second one at dusk: the gorgeous sunset was making the light in my room pink! I do love fall sometimes.