Waaaay back in February, I blogged about the search terms people use to find this blog, namely ‘boots’ and ‘The Wackness.’ Not so many people find me through ‘The Wackness’ now (though I still think it’s an ace movie), but constantly, consistently, unchangingly, people find this blog by searching ‘boots.’

But come on.

Do I even need to say it?

. . .


Ok, it’s VEGAN boots.

It’s ‘vegan boots,’ people! Yes, I blog about boots. I like boots. I own boots. I am a shoe connoisseur, and boots are among my favorites (rivaled closely by ballet flats). But seriously. Every pair of boots that I blog here is a pair of vegan boots. So why on earth don’t people find me by searching ‘vegan boots?’

Now, I’m not necessarily offended: after all, if people want stylish boots, I’m pleased to give them a vegan option. I’m just baffled that more people don’t come here with ‘vegan’ in mind. Anyhow, enough ranting. Onto the shoes! Here are some of my favorite boots (coughvegancough) for fall, in ascending order by price:


And just in case you missed it in the first part of the post: they’re all vegan.