If you don’t know the blog Cheapjap, well.  .  . you should. Its brilliant founder extolls the many virtues of shopping secondhand, and shares her many awesome thrifted pieces along the way, often with a price comparison to retail.

Well! They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I had some awesome luck at Buffalo Exchange the other week, and I have to share. So! Retail vs. Resale, whatiwore version! See this lovely Balenciaga Knitwear sweater, for sale at Matches for GBP 275 (about $430):

And here’s my Balenciaga Knits sweater,  purchased with the original tags still on:


And here’s how I wore it, to take my grandmother to a French restaurant for lunch:

Faux pearls from H&M; Balenciaga sweater from Buffalo Exchange (angels singing); Matt & Nat bag; Urban Outfitters jeans; Urban Outfitters wedges.

In conclusion: resale is awesome.