Yup–I need to shoes. Oxfords, to be precise. Without further ado, here are the options I’m considering!

First up: The Tripoli! Pros: super unique! On sale at Lulu’s! Cons: could be out next season. Not super classic; slight country music feel.

Second: The Dublin! Pros: navy! Sturdy-looking heel! Pretty almond shaped toe! Cons: would the zipper let rain and snow in?

Next up: The Nevele! Pros: Very chic shape. Classic sort of look–could be vintage, could be yesterday. Cons: perhaps difficult to wear–not stylish like the Tripoli, or menswear-chic like the Dublin. Tough call here.

Lastly: The Kent! Pros: classic shape. Would pair nicely with much of my wardrobe. Cons: the zipper detailing is a little trendy for me.

Ok, fashion bloggers, it’s voting day!