Though Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday, I’ve been looking forward to it this year. I spent four days at home with my parents, and now I’m in California and spending another four days with my brother. It’s a travel-heavy week, certainly, but it’s worth it to see family and friends.

And so far, so good! We played it mellow here in Nebraska: I watched the PBS docu-series on the circus with my family (I don’t approve of the way the animals are used, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless), and two nights in a row, I schooled my parents in Scrabble.

And Target.

Ooooh, Target!

When I’m away from the Midwest, I forget just how much I love Target. After all, the Brooklyn Target is messy, disorganized, and picked over to boot. And nonetheless, I always leave with a million things, including a 16-pack of papertowels, that prove impossible to lug home on the Subway. But when I have my Mom’s minivan at my disposal, Target is pure consumerist heaven. I went for a blender, and left with my blender, two types of organic lipbalm, snow boots, a vegan winter coat, an electric toothbrush, mascara, a whole bunch of socks (including a pair of boot socks, which I’ll undoubtedly post more about soon) and four different hair doodads. Aaaah, Target.

Ok, anyhow, I love Target. We also went to the Gap, and since my birthday is coming up, my parents spoiled me.

I got that new dolman sweater from the Gap, and I found those jeans in my closet at home–I had found them in a TJ Maxx when I was about 20 and fell in love. Being as they still fit, I nabbed them to bring back to New York. Yay for new-old clothes.

Of course, my cat Nickleby turned them into a scratching post, but they still look nice.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!