I promise I’m not posting this as a cop-out. It wasn’t a case of, ‘gee, I’m tired, so I guess I’ll post the only outfit picture I have.’ It’s more a case of, help me style this top! The top in question:

And here’s the outfit I came up with:

It’s. . . fine, right? But that’s all. It’s just fine. Nothing to write home (or blog) about. But the top is cute, no? So what’s the answer? How do I style the top in a way that’s cute and original, but doesn’t upstage itself? Suggestions, blogosphere? Don’t let me languish in mediocrity!


Cotton sweaters. Or rather, cotton sweaters SHOULD be on my radar, but I can only seem to find wool and acrylic lately! The problem with wool is self-explanatory, as this is a vegan blog; acrylic just does not breathe. Still, I found this one online at Bluefly, and am considering investing:

WhoaWren’s post about Are You Afraid of the Dark. Halloween may be over, but for us children of the 90’s, SNICK is timeless.

My new boots!! Guys, I love them. Outfit pics, with boots included, within the week. Solemn promise!!

That’s all. Busybusybusy with work, and desk jobs mean boring outfits. But real posts within the week. Promise.

I’ll post real posts soon, I promise. Tomorrow! In the meanwhile, Fantasy Fashion take 2:

Much of the week was not super fun:

week in review
But Friday was a friend’s birthday. Tropical cocktails in October = super fun and awesome.
Zombie Hut

Thanks to my most hectic of weeks, I haven’t really worn anything worth looking at twice, much less taken a picture. That doesn’t mean my mind hasn’t been on my wardrobe, though; with the help of Polyvore, I’ve been doing plenty of imaginary shopping. Fantasy Fashion, if you will. And so, without further ado, I present Fantasy Outfit #1!

fantasy outfit1

Here we have a Built by Wendy top, vintage Chanel earrings, Rachel Comey jeans, BC (vegan!!) clog boots, and a Matt & Nat bag! And it will be mine, as soon as I find $1,538 while I’m out jogging.

If you don’t know the blog Cheapjap, well.  .  . you should. Its brilliant founder extolls the many virtues of shopping secondhand, and shares her many awesome thrifted pieces along the way, often with a price comparison to retail.

Well! They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I had some awesome luck at Buffalo Exchange the other week, and I have to share. So! Retail vs. Resale, whatiwore version! See this lovely Balenciaga Knitwear sweater, for sale at Matches for GBP 275 (about $430):

And here’s my Balenciaga Knits sweater,  purchased with the original tags still on:


And here’s how I wore it, to take my grandmother to a French restaurant for lunch:

Faux pearls from H&M; Balenciaga sweater from Buffalo Exchange (angels singing); Matt & Nat bag; Urban Outfitters jeans; Urban Outfitters wedges.

In conclusion: resale is awesome.

Waaaay back in February, I blogged about the search terms people use to find this blog, namely ‘boots’ and ‘The Wackness.’ Not so many people find me through ‘The Wackness’ now (though I still think it’s an ace movie), but constantly, consistently, unchangingly, people find this blog by searching ‘boots.’

But come on.

Do I even need to say it?

. . .


Ok, it’s VEGAN boots.

It’s ‘vegan boots,’ people! Yes, I blog about boots. I like boots. I own boots. I am a shoe connoisseur, and boots are among my favorites (rivaled closely by ballet flats). But seriously. Every pair of boots that I blog here is a pair of vegan boots. So why on earth don’t people find me by searching ‘vegan boots?’

Now, I’m not necessarily offended: after all, if people want stylish boots, I’m pleased to give them a vegan option. I’m just baffled that more people don’t come here with ‘vegan’ in mind. Anyhow, enough ranting. Onto the shoes! Here are some of my favorite boots (coughvegancough) for fall, in ascending order by price:


And just in case you missed it in the first part of the post: they’re all vegan.

Week in Review

Rainy fashion is hard. While I don’t want to sacrifice style, I don’t exactly like it when nature pisses on my favorite clothes. Anything that’s already clingy or tight will only get worse when it gets wet; ballet flats and sweatshirts and the like  (anything, really, that’s not made of material that repels water) don’t even stand a chance against the rain.

Thankfully, God (or Burberry) created the trench coat! While I can’t actually afford the Burberry version, I do have a rather nice take on it from H&M:

I wore this to an audition and to see a preview of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on Broadway (and you can see the program in the background in this post. Also, it was excellent). While the trench doesn’t nullify the need for an umbrella or make ballet flats an option, it certainly helps.

Another sartorial necessity for fall: tights. Yes folks, it’s tights weather again.

I got that scarf at Target ages ago, and it’s been a major player in my fall and winter wardrobes since. That’s my lovely She-Bible dress under that trench, and I’m glad I got to eke a little more wear out of it.

Wow, looking at the two pictures beside each other, you can totally tell that I took the second one at dusk: the gorgeous sunset was making the light in my room pink! I do love fall sometimes.

Ok, clothes first:

Wore this for errands, rehearsal, and dinner out. Those are my much-pursued pyramid studs earrings, my very autumnal Built by Wendy top, Built by Wendy/Wrangler jeans and favorite Blowfish boots.

In other news, my effort to cook for myself more is so far going very nicely! I’m rediscovering some old favorite cookbooks, and they’ve been awfully useful: these pancakes and the blueberry muffins are from Vegan with a Vengeance. Pancake fiend that I am, I decided to branch out a bit and try the banana flapjacks from Vegan Brunch, too. Verdict? Awesome. Perfect for the true vegan pancake connoisseur: fluffy, thick, not too sweet. Nice to look at, too:

Ok, just a little more food porn, because the lemon poppy seed muffins from vegan Brunch are honestly and truly the best muffins I’ve ever had:

And believe it or not, breakfast is not the only meal I eat. The other week, I made a big batch of peanut sauce from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan, ate half, froze half, and now that I have a super busy week ahead of me, that frozen batch will be a lifesaver. All I’ll need is a little tofu and broccoli and I’ll be good to go!

Easy as it is to eat vegan in Greenpoint (and lame as this sounds), I’d almost forgotten how many options you have when you know your way around the kitchen. Still, there are a few neighborhood offerings I’ll never turn down: the strawberry margarita at Papacito’s, the tuna melt at Boneshakers, and the danishes from Champs.

Also: three weeks, no new clothes. Go me!