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Wow, I have been a bad little delinquent blogger this week! Busybusy and all that. And no new outfits for the wardrobe challenge, tsk! I suppose nothing particularly fashionable has happened to me, though I have done a little shopping. I am now the proud owner of a onesie, but Urban Outfitters won’t let me steal a picture, so I’ll have to snap a picture of me in it soon.

But at least I’m finally coming through with Shoes of the Week!

I think I love these. Do you think I love them?


For your summer wardrobe:

Vegan vegan vegan. And beaded!


And. . . I like them?

Or do I?

Another chunky neutral heel:

But this one with an awesome price!

I need some sturdy, every day heels. When my moratorium on shopping is lifted (on Easter), these are them:

From Urban. Not ideal, but the price is right.

These were my birthday present to myself. I’ve been happily wearing them for a month and change now, and the compliments keep rolling in. Last weekend, a girl on the subway platform in Brooklyn Heights was wearing them too. Usually, I don’t like wearing the same shoes as anyone else, but that night, it just confirmed that these boots look damn good. Mmmm.

Remember playing Little House on the Prairie when you were little? What? (cough) Me neither. But if I had been one of those, um, nerds that did play Little House on the Prairie, it might have given me a hankering for these boots:

Astonishingly vegan.

The answer is, not while I’m moving! But still, the stress of apartment hunting didn’t blind me to these beauties when I popped into Forever 21 to look for wool-free scarves:

Long live the 80’s!

Another lovely Sunday morning, made even lovelier by the fact that I don’t have to go into work tomorrow morning (!!!), but less lovely by the fact that this is the week where I’m saddled with setting up apartment viewings and trawling job ads and begging for interviews. In other words: I’m moving! It’s very exciting, but rather stressful as well.

Still, today seems like a good day. My soy cappuccino is delightfully foamy this morning, and my favorite coffee shop seems to be playing some sort of Gregorian chant–and I’m actually kind of digging it!

Moving on: I’ve bought four pairs of shoes within the past week (I know, I’m a horrid capitalist and reckless consumer. I suck), so I shouldn’t even indulge myself with a shoes of the week (especially since last week’s came on, um, Thursday), but to hell with it–I clearly like my shoes, so:

I won’t usually feature two pairs of party shoes in a row, and I rarely do heels, but I guess my mind has been at the bars lately. Get ’em here, and catch me out in ’em in a few weeks!

Since Christy made the fair point that vegan shoes (well, any specialty item, really) can be pricey, this week is devoted to accidentally vegan shoes that come cheap like Crystal Palace (but won’t make you nearly as sick). This pair has every bit as much flash as the last, but they’re far more budget-friendly

Sure, they’re also less classic and more trendoid, but I do quite like the combination of black and robin’s-egg blue, and the patent heel is a nice, flashy touch that doesn’t overwhelm. Plus, at $24, these shoes are equally suited to champagne and Asti, and I think a lot of us can appreciate that.