Another lovely Sunday morning, made even lovelier by the fact that I don’t have to go into work tomorrow morning (!!!), but less lovely by the fact that this is the week where I’m saddled with setting up apartment viewings and trawling job ads and begging for interviews. In other words: I’m moving! It’s very exciting, but rather stressful as well.

Still, today seems like a good day. My soy cappuccino is delightfully foamy this morning, and my favorite coffee shop seems to be playing some sort of Gregorian chant–and I’m actually kind of digging it!

Moving on: I’ve bought four pairs of shoes within the past week (I know, I’m a horrid capitalist and reckless consumer. I suck), so I shouldn’t even indulge myself with a shoes of the week (especially since last week’s came on, um, Thursday), but to hell with it–I clearly like my shoes, so:

I won’t usually feature two pairs of party shoes in a row, and I rarely do heels, but I guess my mind has been at the bars lately. Get ’em here, and catch me out in ’em in a few weeks!